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While it cannot take the place of conventional treatment, short-term exercise intervention can benefit CHF patients https://t.co/0EIvOo5Bpc
- 10 hours ago
Article explaining @PHE_uk 'Guide to Delivering and Commissioning Tier 2 Adult Weight Management Services' https://t.co/fNcelRynHO
- 13 hours ago
- 13 hours ago

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Medical/Advisory Group

MURDO WALLACE Professor Dr. Henry Schulz, MD Professor Dr. Robert Thomas Dr. Peter Wright, PhD, MSc (Hons)
Our Founder and now
Hon. Life President (non – executive)
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Medical Professor
Cardiac Phase IV Rehabilitation
Cancer Rehabilitation

Prof. Dr Robert Thomas is the chair
of the Macmillan Physical Activity
Expert Advisory Group
Director of Research & Sport Medicine
Gavin Loze, BSc (Hons) Andrew Power, BSc (Hons), MBA
Principal Lecturer Associate Consultant
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