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Client Comments

Interested in going on a course with The WRIGHT Foundation?
Read on to find out what Exercise Professionals who have
completed either The WRIGHT Foundation Exercise Referral Course
or one of our Specialist Courses think of the experience.

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"The course was very enjoyable, and the lecturer was very clear and concise, Thank you"

AW - Exercise Referral Course

"The course was very informative and interesting. The lecturer was very inspiring and has given me the basis for further research and personal development, thank you"

LE - Cardiac Rehab Phase IV Course

"Gavin presented the course in a very professional manner with excellent knowledge, presentation skills and timing"

PS - Exercise Referral Course

"An excellent, well delivered course with a good level of help with any information required. The course taught that me a lot and will be more than useful in my employment"

SE - Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course

"I thought the lecturer and course was very helpful and would like to go on and do more"

GK - Exercise Referral Course

"Excellent. This is the second WRIGHT Foundation course I have attended and I have found both to be excellent. The WRIGHT Foundation have presented themselves in an excellent manner"

DG - Lower Back Pain Course

"I really enjoyed this course and it will be an invaluable tool and will assist me with the work I am currently undertaking"

HW - Obesity & Diabetes Course

"Enjoyable course, will be of great benefit to our scheme"

EM - Exercise Referral Course

"A course which should roll out very well and make a real difference. Top quality"

IK - Mental Health Course

"Gavin made the course very interesting and presented it well, most enjoyable"

KI - Exercise Referral Course

"Peter was an excellent lecturer, and the course was very good. I will definitely be doing further courses with the WRIGHT Foundation"

NS - Cardiac Rehab Phase IV Course

"Gavin Loze is an excellent lecturer, being very charismatic and pacing the day in accordance to peoples concentration levels, really enjoyed the course"

AF - Exercise Referral Course

"Stimulating and very useful course delivered in an excellent way with lots of opportunity for interaction"

SH - Mental Health Course

"Really enjoyed the course, Peter was great, a real asset. Will be looking forward to more courses in the future!"

JM - Cardiac Rehab Phase IV Course

"Course was excellent in covering all aspects for instructors and also challenging. I learnt a great deal of new information to enhance my skills"

AM - Obesity & Diabetes Course

"Good course, very informative and professionally delivered"

JH - Exercise Referral Course

"I found the course very useful and increased my knowledge. I will recommend this course to my colleagues and would really like to get involved in further research"

CA - Cardiac Rehab Phase IV Course

"I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to people to come and learn about back pain. Gavin was funny, knowledgeable and well educated, I learnt a lot"

ES - Lower Back Pain Course

"The course was highly informative, very interesting and the information was put across in an excellent manner"

AB - Exercise Referral Course

"Well delivered course by a very knowledgeable tutor, excellent"

AP - Mental Health Course

"Extremely informative, a good recap in some cases and a positive learning experience. Thank you, looking forward to working in this area in the future and also expending my knowledge further within specialist courses"

ME - Exercise Referral Course

"This has been an excellent course. As a gym instructor I tend to think within the confines of the gym but this course has taught me to think along a much wider level and broaden my views"

BB - Obesity & Diabetes Course

"I will be recommending this course to a work colleague of mine"

AS - Exercise Referral Course

"Excellent course content, delivered excellently and I would recommend the WRIGHT Foundation to others in the future"

GH - Lower Back Pain Course

"One of the best courses I have attended"

MR - Exercise Referral Course

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and think it was delivered at exactly the right pace. Peter is the best lecturer I have worked with"

KW - Cardiac Rehab Phase IV Course

"I received a wealth of knowledge from the course. It was professionally run and well presented"

MT - Pulmonary Rehab Course

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