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Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption could have a major impact on the prevalence of peripheral artery disease https://t.co/becr9fvxoi
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Wanted: Meeting+Gym for our popular courses in #Birmingham #Cardiff #Sheffield #Scotland. Get in touch 01382 451188 https://t.co/BTJ2DMmFe7
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Prototype health and wellbeing campus planned in Cheshire, part of an NHS initiative to build healthier towns https://t.co/dkZlzyeJtu
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Cardiac Phase IV Rehabilitation

* VAT not applicable
20/Aug/18 - 24/Aug/18EXETER, Devon

Cancer Rehabilitation Level 4

* VAT not applicable
30/Oct/17 - 03/Nov/17HADLEIGH, Suffolk
06/Nov/17 - 10/Nov/17OLDHAM, Gt Manchester
04/Dec/17 - 08/Dec/17REDRUTH, Cornwall
29/Jan/18 - 02/Feb/18EXETER, Devon
19/Mar/18 - 23/Mar/18WORTHING, West Sussex

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

* VAT not applicable
New dates coming shortly

Chronic Lower Back Pain

* VAT not applicable
17/Oct/18 - 19/Oct/18EXETER, Devon

Mental Health

* VAT not applicable
16/Oct/17 - 18/Oct/17LONDON
17/Nov/17 - 19/Nov/17RYHOPE, Sunderland
27/Nov/17 - 29/Nov/17EXETER, Devon
26/Nov/18 - 28/Nov/18EXETER, Devon

Obesity and Diabetes

* VAT not applicable
12/Feb/18 - 14/Feb/18NELSON, Lancashire
14/May/18 - 16/May/18EXETER, Devon

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