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Obesity & Diabetes

This specialist course refers specifically to obese clients who have been referred through a recognised referral process. It is directed at Referral Programme Consultants (RPCs) who have demonstrated a continuing commitment to the referral practice since attaining their introductory WRIGHT Foundation or other Register of Exercise Professionals recognised exercise referral qualifications. Candidates who can also demonstrate prior knowledge and practical experience that the WRIGHT Foundation considers sufficient may also benefit from this course.

Course Content includes:

  • Aetiology & Genetics
  • Prevalence
  • Risk Factors Associated with Obesity
  • Energy Intake
  • Food Labels
  • Energy Balance and Popular Diets
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Measurement Diagnostics
    • BMI (Body Mass Index)
    • Skinfold
    • BIA (Bio - Electrical Impendence)
    • Hydrostatic Weighing
    • DEXA / MRI Imaging
  • Data Collection
  • Physical Activity
  • Training Methodology
    • Principles
    • Methods
    • Strength Training
    • Review
  • Medical and Surgical Intervention
  • Childhood Obesity Issues
  • Psychological Issues of the Obese Client
    • Haslows Hierarchy
    • Psychology of Eating
    • Binge Eating
    • Health Related Quality of Life
  • Creation of Treatment Protocols
  • Considerate Assessment Techniques
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Practical Application
  • Interactive Sessions
    • Anthropometry
    • Functional Capacity
    • Energy Balance Assessment

Course assessments

Attendance during all sections of the Course, on all three days, is compulsory. The knowledge and skills attained on the Course will be assessed in the following ways (both sections must be passed in order for the qualification to be awarded):

  1. Pre-course reading Multi-choice Examination on day 1.
  2. CASE STUDY to be completed and submitted no later than 4 weeks after the course.
    Your Lecturer will advise the date.

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